Many claim that fax (or facsimile) has been phased out and overtaken by the mass adoption of email, however in many industries this doesn’t appear to be the case.

Many companies insist on keeping a fax line, paying anywhere between $30 – $60 a month for the service, as well as the added cost of maintenance for the fax machine. A way of combating this without investing in an entirely new system is virtualisation.

Virtualisation of the Fax Line

Virtualisation is carried out by hosting one 3CX instance for all customers who are not yet on VoIP. The fax number is ported to a SIP trunk, and multiple fax services are delivered off the one instance. Fax virtualisation is a great way to onboard a customer who still needs some warming up to VoIP technology and unified communications.

Benefits of Fax Virtualisation

  • Consolidation of multiple machines into a single server
  • Reduced cost compared to a physical line
  • Added functionality i.e. fax to email
  • Streamlines server management
Aatrox Communications offers this service for end customers and have seen great results so far, including reduced costs and added convenience of faxes being delivered directly to email, a great selling point for any IT service provider looking to offer this service.

Should you require any further information or assistance in getting one of these instances spun up and working, please let us know.

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