6 Reasons You Should be Using a VoIP Phone at Business

VoIP phone systems are utilised by all kinds of businesses worldwide – but is this kind of technology right for your company? Naturally, just because it works for others doesn’t mean that it’ll automatically work for you. So, you’re most likely wondering if you should invest in this innovative technology.

With all of VoIP’s benefits, every smart business owner should consider whether this phone system will be right for their company.

What Is A VoIP System?

First of all, you should understand what a VoIP system is. VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, is technology that can transform your voice messages and any other kind of messages into a digital signal. The system can then send this digital signal off through the internet to whomever you are trying to communicate with.

Conversely, landline phones, which you might be used to, work differently than VoIP phones. A landline system relies on physical cables and telephone wires to reach other people. As you can imagine, these physical limits can make international or long-distance calls difficult.

Can A Good VoIP System Really Help?

So, can a VoIP system’s unique way of sending information really make that much of a difference? Many business owners have found that there are so many reasons why a business can benefit from voice over internet protocol technology.

For example:

It Can Save You Money. VoIP phone packages are typically very affordable and, when compared to landline phone costs, much cheaper. Going through the internet instead of relying on physical telephone cables tends to be much more affordable.

Of course, how much you need to pay will depend on which service provider you go through. Always check out a provider’s prices before you settle on anyone. You may even be able to save more money if you utilise services like a wholesale SIP trunking plan.

Setting It Up Is Relatively Simple. Setting up a new phone system doesn’t exactly sound easy. Will you have to buy bulky new equipment, or is it easier than that? Although your exact circumstances will depend on what you order, typically, installation is very simple.

You’ll be fine as long as you work with a helpful service provider. A caring company will do their best to guide you through the straightforward installation process to make sure that you properly use your brand-new VoIP phone system.

It’s Easy To Get Used To. If you are used to landline phones, then using an entirely new kind of technology might be intimidating. Although, you’ll be happy to know that most people get used to VoIP technology very easily.

Well-designed technology is intuitive and simple to learn. If you need some help, you can always call your service provider.

You Can Improve Your Company’s Reputation. When you give your clients fast service and clear communication, they’ll notice. Your customers will appreciate the care you put into speaking with them, and a VoIP system will make quick communication easy for your staff and your valued customers.

Customers who feel like you care about them are more likely to return for more.

The Call Quality Is Excellent. Some may worry about their call quality being poor. After all, your customers and staff won’t like your new VoIP phone system if they can’t even understand what you are saying.

Fortunately, if you work with a reliable service provider, you’ll enjoy crystal-clear call quality that allows you to communicate effectively with anyone you want.

The Packages Are Conveniently Flexible. You might wonder, if you sign up for a package but then realise you need it to be smaller or larger, what do you do? You don’t want to pay for something you aren’t using, and you can’t get by with an insufficient package.

Fear not; changing your plan should be simple. Most providers are happy to offer you conveniently flexible packages. Just give your provider a call and talk to their staff about what you need.

How Do I Know Which Plan To Get?

So, you know that a VoIP phone system can help you, but how do you know what kind to get or whom to buy from?


  • The Price. Which services can you afford?
  • The Seller. Are they trustworthy, or are they suspicious? Only work with well-known VoIP service providers who have a good reputation.
  • What Do You Need? Check out their services and see if they can give you what you want.

Who Can Help Me Set Up My New Phone System?

To help you get started with your wonderful new VoIP system, call us at Aatrox Communications. We are New Zealand’s preferred SIP trunking provider, so you know that you can trust our team to do a good job.

We value customer service and providing you with what you need. You can reach us at 09 242 0880 if you want a VoIP plan for your business and would like to discuss your situation with us.

Step into the future of communication with Aatrox Communications.