VoIP Phone New Zealand

Want to extend the features and functionality of a legacy telephone system with a premium quality VoIP Phone New Zealand? At Aatrox Communications NZ, our mobile VoIP business phones system and cloud services are affordable, perfect for small businesses and homes, and offer the best quality landline in New Zealand.

Our team at Aatrox Communications take pride in sourcing the VoIP phone system for clients, which places and transmits telephone calls over an IP network, using internet protocol to replace traditional phone systems. VoIP is less expensive than a traditional phone system, allowing long-distance and international calls through the VoIP system, incurring no extra charges.

Your business mobility will be increased with a VoIP phone system, where VoIP phones keep you connected no matter where you work or if your employees are based across continents. We champion the versatility of the VoIP phone, where they will immediately make an impact in helping extend your reach and connect effectively with employees and clients.

VoIP Phone New Zealand

VoIP Phones for Small Business

We strongly recommend VoIP phones for small business, where the cost-effectiveness, easy management, and flexibility make the VoIP phones a perfect comprehensive business phone¬†solution. Our VoIP phones work to empower user input when implementing changes, where you won’t have to call for assistance when adding multiple VoIP accounts, setting up a digital receptionist, and more system controls.

As one of many VoIP service providers, we excel with our customer service and excellent rates, utilising premium quality hardware for our VoIP phone systems. Our friendly, experienced team is here to help respond to your queries, leading you to make an informed decision for a new business VoIP phone or hardware choice from our selection.

Streamlining Operations

The user-friendly interface of our VoIP phone system allows users to streamline operations and easily customise each feature. A VoIP phone demonstrates enhanced flexibility and connectivity, all while requiring less costs.

VoIP technology works to enable additional features and functionality such as conference phone calls and voicemail, call queuing, recording, video conferencing, instant messaging, personalised greetings, extensions and more. All relevant data is consolidated into one convenient place, where you can integrate the VoIP phone system with other business tools like CRM or e-commerce.

By engaging with VoIP phone technology, business operations no longer have to include desk phone calls, where you can utilise VoIP functions, receiving calls and creating a virtual conference room from any area with an internet connection.

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Maximise Your Internet Telephone Usage

VoIP phone calls are featured as one of our leading cloud business phone solutions, where businesses increasingly utilise cloud communications to benefit the customer experience and reduce service costs. With minimal hardware, you can implement VoIP conference phones to make a positive difference for your systems, when compared to traditional phones systems.

As businesses become more globally oriented, converting regular telephones systems into the digital format and transmitting them through VoIP hardware is a necessity. Being the sole 3CX Titanium Level partner (a leading provider of VoIP PBX services) within NZ, we have displayed our confidence and expertise with their software and exhibited leading sales as SIP trunking providers.


The user-friendly interface of our VoIP phone features leading simplicity which enables speedy scalability for your business and real-time changes to adapt to your needs. VoIP phones offer complete support for customer service, integrating with modern tools far better than an analog phone.

The UI clarity illustrates the functional ways in which you can make the VoIP phone work to meet the exact needs of your business. As a result, you can maintain operations by integrating new hires and managing all phone systems yourself without requiring our help.

Business System

With a range of VoIP phone-compatible hardware, we pair your business with handsets, headsets and more to make the most of our VoIP services. Additionally, VoIP phones are excellent for your bottom line, as telephone and internet bills will no longer be separated, streamlining the process.

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Computers and Mobile

Mobile devices and computers can be utilised for your VoIP phone. You can simply install the software to call on most VoIP phones for greater mobility and usability, where employees can work from anywhere within the workplace or from home.

SIP Trunking

Session Initial Protocol (SIP) trunking is the protocol that makes VoIP calls. We are a leading New Zealand provider of SIP trunking, offering reliable multimedia sessions for your business, delivering a range of VoIP computer or mobile device hardware to make the most of internet connections for employees and clients.

Select a VoIP phone (IP phones) from our VoIP provider today to facilitate your business’s flexibility for phone calls through the IP network, using a computer or mobile device.

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Common Features of VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP can do more than just take your calls and keep your costs down. The best quality VoIP offers your business is its range of powerful additional functionalities that are designed to take your operations to the next level.

Here are some common features you’ll see with most VoIP systems:

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Call Queueing

Get your incoming calls sorted on queues based on predefined rules. Connect the right people to the right agents, move your customers along faster, and keep satisfaction rates high while ensuring your staff don’t become overwhelmed.

Call Recording

Need to go back to a call to check something you missed? Struggling to take notes while in a meeting? With automatic call recording, you’ll be able to access old calls anytime, anywhere. You’ll be able to look up information quickly or respond to requests based on earlier calls.

Personalised Greetings

Make sure that the first thing your viewers hear represents your brand’s identity. Customise your after-hours voicemail greetings and encourage your viewers to leave a message that you can listen to during business hours – or why not inform them about great new deals and offers?


With personalised extensions and numbers, your callers will be able to reach anyone in your company with ease. This will make it convenient if you need calls to go to a particular agent.


Some providers offer the ability to automatically reconnect to customers if you’ve missed their call. This can help you reduce call abandonment rates and boost your customer satisfaction and retention.


Get all your relevant data in one convenient place when you integrate your phone system with other helpful tools such as your CRM or e-commerce solutions. Manage calls faster without having to stop to hunt for information and keep your customers happier.

Contact History

With access to a complete overview of all previous interactions, including previous calls, orders and notes, you won’t have to coordinate multiple systems when handling frustrated customers.

Real-Time Dashboard

Monitor your call centre activities in real-time. See your agents’ workloads and reassign tasks as necessary to prevent backlogs and ensure that business flows as it should.

Conference Calling

Communicate with multiple business partners at once and ensure that information gets across as it should with the opportunity to schedule conference calls.

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Why Choose Aatrox For Your SIP Trunking Needs?

You might be wondering what the connection between VoIP and SIP Trunking is. Essentially, Session Initial Protocol (SIP) Trunking is a protocol used to make VoIP calls. And if you’re looking for an SIP Trunking service provider that offers some of the best quality VoIP solutions in New Zealand and Australia, Aatrox is the right choice.

We’re a local company. That means that when you choose us, you’re getting reliable, local support that understands the needs of Kiwi businesses.
We’re also the only 3CX Titanium Level partner in New Zealand. 3CX is a leading provider of VoIP PBX services. While they have plenty of partners in the region, Aatrox Communications is the only one to have achieved their highest possible level of partnership here in Aotearoa. That means that we have the most experience with their software and the highest number of sales. That’s why you can trust us to know exactly what we’re doing when it comes to SIP Trunking provisions.

It also means that, in the unlikely event of an issue, you’ll get to benefit from the best possible support responses from 3CX themselves.

We have thousands of satisfied clients across New Zealand and Australia who’ve seen the difference VoIP can make to their business. Ready to join the club and transform the way your enterprise communicates? Contact us at 09 242 0880 to learn more about what we can do for you.

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