Wholesale SIP Trunking

Aatrox Communications NZ Reseller Partner Program

Add VoIP to your service suite

Voice and unified communications are firmly part of IT’s domain – and expanding your services has never been easier.

White labelled SIP

Make your SIP trunk and VoIP solutions your own. Your customers never need to know we exist – but we’re there whenever you need us.

Attractive Margins

Set your own prices, create your own bundles, and make SIP trunking work for your services suite. 

Aatrox VoIP Reseller Partner Program

White Label SIP trunk provider

Aatrox Communications offers wholesale SIP to service providers across New Zealand. We work closely with our partners, ensuring tailored support and tiered pricing plans so your savings grow as your business does.

We are a certified parter with 3CX, with our SIP trunks configured and tested for compatability. While 3CX is our recommended PBX, our trunks will work with all popular IP PBX systems.

All wholesale VoIP services supplied by Aatrox Communications are white labelled, and our simplified billing allows you to re-brand and add your costs with ease.

Choosing Aatrox Communications as your SIP trunk provider ensures you are getting the best value and service, with all offices and infrastructure located right here in New Zealand.

What is Wholesale VoIP?

Wholesale VoIP services are provided at a higher volume for a discounted rate. This is generally offered to IT service providers, who then onsell VoIP services to their end customers.

At Aatrox Communications we aim to support our partners – assisting with customer deployments and offering white labelled VoIP services.

What is White Labelled VoIP?

White label (or private label) VoIP simply means that our branding will not be plastered all over your product. Your customers will never hear from us, and our streamlined billing process makes it easy for you to rebrand, add your mark-up and send it on through.

The main benefit for you?

You can do all this while still receiving the support of our entire technical team.

Competitive Pricing Tiers

Our tiered pricing saves you 20% and more off retail costs as your voice service consumption with Aatrox Communications increases.

VoIP Reseller Partner Program Details

Aatrox Communications works with IT Service Providers around New Zealand, Australia and internationally to provide wholesale SIP trunking services.

Whether you have existing VoIP capabilities and want to benefit from our competitive pricing, or you’re looking to leverage our extensive VoIP expertise, partnering with Aatrox Communications allows you to offer a superior VoIP product to your customers.

  • Competitive tier pricing
  • No minimum commitment
  • White-labelled
  • Easy billing, ready for your pricing and branding

The more your business grows, the less you pay, offering you the same service for lower margins.

We’re always here to provide advice and guidance on how to deploy your voice services, right down to the PABX level.

Who is the partner program open to?
Aatrox Communications’ Wholesale VoIP Reseller Partner Program is only open to IT Service Providers. We work with MSPs, Hosting Providers, VARs, System Integrators, and others – but the partner program is not open to end users. Partners are welcome (and encouraged!) to use Aatrox Communications’ services on their own infrastructure as well as customer facing.
Is there a minimum commitment or spend?
No – we’re not fans of partner programs that have a high barrier to entry. If you want to start offering voice services, we’ll work with you right from that first deal. Once your usage increases you will automatically move up our tiered pricing model, which allows for increased margins as your voice business grows.
Will Aatrox Communications talk to my customers?
Never – you are our customer, so our relationship is with you. If you choose to white label our wholesale VoIP services your customer will never know we exist. You set your own pricing on infrastructure and calls – we just provide the back-end services.

Aatrox Communications is an New Zealand owned and operated full service SIP trunk provider. We specialise in connecting the traditional telephony network to the internet for small and large businesses.