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Fax to Email Service

Never miss an important fax again – receive them on the go, and on any device, with the Aatrox Communications Fax to Email Service.


Better Privacy

Keep your incoming faxes private by receiving them directly to your email inbox.

Better Filing

Never lose or file a fax wrong ensuring they end up in the same place.

Reduce Paper Waste

Many faxes don’t require a hard copy, save the paper and keep it digital.

Anywhere, Any device

Regardless of where you are, if you can receive your email, you can receive your faxes.

$11/ Month

Price per month includes fax number

Minimum Contract Cost $11.00

All Prices are Ex GST

PAYG Fax Critical Information Summary

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Aatrox Communications is an New Zealand owned and operated full service telecommunications provider specialising in connecting small and large business to the traditional telephony network using the internet.