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VoIP phone systems are perfect for companies that want to incorporate useful, internet-based technology into their businesses. Better technology means better results and enhanced capabilities and can only lead to good things when used correctly.

VoIP telephone systems allow you to use your internet connection to contact anyone, anywhere – but smartly deciding to use this technology isn’t the only thing you’ll need to do. Naturally, you’ll also need to learn how to correctly set up your new system in order to maximise its potential.

How do you set up your brand new system, and is there anything else you need to do beforehand?

What To Do When You Want To Set Up A VoIP Phone System

A VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, phone uses a reliable internet connection to connect to others. This makes them completely ideal for companies that want to improve their outreach and satisfy their customers quickly because you won’t have to worry about all the issues that come with landline phone systems.

Although, if this is your very first time using a non-landline phone, you may be wondering how you’re supposed to set it up. Is incorporating this technology as easy as buying a new product and plugging it in, or do you have to follow complicated steps?

Typically, having your new VoIP phones installed will involve the following:

1. Figure Out What Your Team Needs. You should observe what your team does and what your team needs. Are you a massive team that is constantly calling clients and business partners all day, or are you a handful of workers who only use the phone when you need to?

You should think about how many calls you usually make, what kind of devices your team uses and if there’s anything else your team needs. Knowing these details will help you determine what kind of hardware and VoIP phone service packages you should look into later.

2. Research What Would Be Best For Your Business. Not every VoIP system is the same, and certain features may be better suited for what you do. Take some time to look into your options and think about what would be best for your company.

3. Set A Budget. Next, take a good look at how much you are currently paying for your phone service and how much you are okay with paying. It’s absolutely vital to keep an eye on your profits and your sending when you run a business.

As you think about your company’s expenditure, remember that fantastic VoIP and SIP trunking phones will usually save you money because they are typically cheaper to use than landline phones. A budget will help keep your purchases reasonable.

4. Find A Reputable Service Provider. You should always purchase your products and VoIP phone services from a service provider who has plenty of experience, offers excellent customer service and has high-quality services.

5. Purchase The Necessary Hardware. Once you’ve found your ideal service provider, now you should order the appropriate hardware that you need. You can contact your service provider for help if you are still unsure about how much hardware you need.

Your needs will, of course, depend on how your business works. Discussing your circumstances with your trusty service provider can help make the entire process much easier.

6. Work Out Which Service Package Would Work Best For You. Look at the different service packages your VoIP phone provider offers. Which ones appeal to you the most? Make sure you keep in mind your budget, your team’s current work output and what you need to succeed.

7. Have Your New Telephone System Set Up And Enjoy. After everything is ordered and you’ve worked out which service plan you’d like, it’s time to have your wonderful new phone system set up.

It is recommended that you help your team get used to the new system. Once everyone is ready, you can enjoy all the incredible benefits that this innovative technology has to offer.

Where To Go For All Of Your New Zealand VoIP And SIP Trunking Needs

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