Voicemail messages can be accessed by any phone on the network provided you have the extension number and the PIN configured in the extension.

Note: Your administrator may reconfigure the default voicemail number (999). If this number doesn’t work, contact your administrator.


Accessing Your Voicemail

  1. Dial 999 to access the voicemail menu
  2. Enter your PIN and dial # as prompted
  3. Choose from the following options:
    • – Play messages
    • – Options
    • – Exit

Accessing the Voicemail of Another Extension

  1. Dial 999 to access the voicemail menu
  2. Press #
  3. Dial the extension number you wish to access
  4. Dial the PIN configured in the extension

You will then have access to the voicemail of your selected extension.

3CX Voicemail Options

  • Option 1: Change profile status
  • Option 3: Dial a number
  • Option 4: Delete all read messages
  • Option 5: Change self-identification message
  • Option 6: Play mailbox information
  • Option 7: Change voicemail PIN number
  • Option 8: Change greeting message
  • Option 9: Restart voice menu prompts

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