When using multiple IP Phones on a single network, individual extensions are generally connected to one another, and in many scenarios this is the preferred choice as it reduces the amount of time it takes data to get from one person to another.

What is the PBX Delivers Audio option?

The PBX Delivers Audio function ensures all voice traffic is routed through the PBX before reaching the intended extension. Remote extensions using STUN, often smartphones and tablets, will require this option to be checked.

It is possible to have “PBX Delivers Audio”  checked for all extensions, however it may not be necessary for your extensions and can increase the minimum hardware requirements depending on how many extensions and simultaneous calls you have.

If your machine has high specifications, this is no concern and use of the “PBX Delivers Audio” option should be no issue.

Check the “PBX Delivers Audio” Option

Step 1

Login to your 3CX web client.

3CX web client

Step 2

Select “Extensions” from the left sidebar.

3CX web client sidebar

Step 3

Select the extension you would like this option to be enabled on.

3CX select extension

Step 4

Select the “Options” Tab

3CX extension options tab

Step 5

At the bottom of the “Options” tab will be a “Troubleshoot” section. Check the “PBX Delivers Audio Box” and save these changes.

3CX PBX Delivers Audio

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