Last week 3CX released a new BETA version of their Android app, available from the Google play store.
The new version of the 3CX Android app addresses a number or issues, including those related to PUSH calls. Android users now have the ability to have PUSH notifications enabled across multiple devices for the one extension – so no matter what device you’re using at the time you can still receive calls and messages.

There were also known crashes that have been addressed in the 3CX Android update ensuring that all features of the app will work seamlessly.

Extra features and visual improvements were included in this BETA update, our personal favourites including:

“Exit Confirmation” when pressing the “Back” button.

I don’t know about you, but my fingers can tend to move too fast for my brain, and I find myself exiting apps without the confirmation, occasionally losing (and forgetting) what I was doing.

Partial Matching

In a world of auto-complete, this is an obvious time-saver and improvement.

Battery Saving

Feature-rich apps such as the 3CX Android client often drain your battery, and when you’re bouncing between meetings or locations, very rarely do you have the opportunity to stop and charge it. Thankfully, 3CX have addressed this and have made a number of changes to ensure your battery life is preserved, without sacrificing functionality.

Better UI/ UX

3CX have made many minor adjustments to the look of the Android app, including increasing the size of the top menu bar, search fields, text in the bottom menu and more. While these may seem like smaller changes, they definitely help in readability, usability and make for a nicer feel of the app as a whole.
3CX has made many subtle improvements to the Android client in this BETA update, however they all add up to be a robust, intuitive and good-looking app. As more people opt for the smart phone clients in the interest of flexibility, I believe we can expect the 3CX smart phone clients to continue to improve and have more features and functionality added.