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When you are a business interacting with clients, finding good communications software is a must. And when you connect your software systems by integrating them, you can compound their beneficial factors and reap even more advantages.

That’s why Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration can help you communicate easily with your client base. 

When you interact positively with your customers, they are more likely to come back, and your sales will soar.

What Is Software Integration?

System integration is the process of joining together various software applications to create a unified system. This process can be utilised to develop systems that can share assets such as contracts and documents. As a result, you’ll receive a comprehensive solution that can make it easier to manage operations and gather uniform results.

Integration Ideas

When it comes to integrating other programs with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the possibilities are endless. You will find that many different programs can work together, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration can take different parts of these individual programs and have them work together smoothly.

Are you still wondering about the possibilities? Here are eleven integration ideas to get your mind thinking.

  1. 3CX VoIP Integration. A widespread form of communicating with your customers is through VoIP calls. Using integration, you can set it so that every time a customer calls, you will receive a pop-up notification. 3CX phone systems are a great way to stay in touch with your customers.
  2. Automated Marketing: This process can be helpful to remind your customers about your business and its activities. When certain events occur, such as on specific dates, a marketing email will be automatically sent out to your clients.
  3. Create Documents: Using this program, you can enter your business’ data into the software and automatically fill in information when you create new documents. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration, you can share this data with other programs for easy access.
  4. Incorporate LinkedIn: Microsoft also owns LinkedIn, so integrating the software with Dynamics CRM can be a snap. When these two programs work together, you can access LinkedIn directly through the Sales Navigator Tool to search LinkedIn profiles, set up alerts, and save leads.
  5. Integrate Your ERP Software: When you incorporate the ERP software of your choosing, you can stay on top of your business’ core operational needs from your CRM.
  6. Manage Your Projects: If you use a project management system, integrating it will help everyone stay on the same page by letting you access your projects from your CRM.
  7. Use Business Intelligence Tools: Using a business intelligence program, you can access your analytical tools from one location.
  8. Sync Your Contacts: If you integrate different programs, you can sync important contacts. This way, you won’t need to search for a specific phone number or email address because that information will already be available.
  9. Track Your Calls: When you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration to manage your calls, you can also keep a call journal to record who called your company at what time.
  10. Get Lead Activities: If your program is incorporated with marketing software, you will get information on lead activities. Staying on top of your marketing presence is easier than ever when you integrate your programs smartly!
  11. Link Your Email: Accessing your email using the Dynamics CRM interface can be awkward. Fortunately, you can integrate Microsoft Outlook for easy access to all your emails and contacts.

Want to Get More Out Of Dynamics CRM? Start Integrating Now!


​As you can see, Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration can be highly beneficial to your business. If you are interested in integrating 3CX VoIP software with your CRM system, contact us at 09 242 0880 for more information.

Here at Aatrox Communications, we are all about helping your New Zealand business. Keep your employees happy and communicate with your treasured customers freely with software integration!