sip trunking
When running and working for a business, how you speak to your clients and staff members is incredibly important. If you communicate poorly and ineffectively, your team members may have trouble, and you could lose clients. However, if you use something like SIP trunking to effectively speak to who you need to contact, you can see your reputation and profits soar.

What Is SIP Technology?

SIP, or session initiation protocol, trunking is a fantastic technology developed to help people communicate over the internet. It is a voice over internet protocol that is designed to let people send and receive calls and other forms of communicative media by using an internet connection instead of physical telephone wires.

Instead of using physical wires and telephone polls to connect people, SIP technology uses SIP trunks and channels to send and receive calls. This can make SIP trunk technology extraordinarily convenient and reliable because all you need to create and take a call is a secure internet connection.

How Can SIP Technology Help My Business?

You may be wondering, ‘SIP trunking sounds nice, but how can it specifically help my business? I already use traditional landline phones; why should I change?’ If you are a cautious business owner who is still on the fence about switching over, then you should learn about all the wonderful benefits that SIP technology has to offer.

SIP technology is growing increasingly popular among businesses, and for many great reasons. A few ways that SIP trunk technology can benefit your business are”

It Can Help You Cut Costs. When you get SIP technology, you don’t have to worry about ordering and installing heaps of new and expensive equipment. Instead, once a friendly SIP trunk provider, like us at Aatrox Communications, helps you set up, you can start making calls and connecting with people.

Something great about setting up SIP trunking for your business is that you can choose a plan that works for you. Instead of buying a package of many different services, you can opt to pay only for what you need and what you will use.

This means that you can save money by only paying for what you need instead of wastefully paying for services that you don’t want and will never use.

It’s Reliable. As mentioned above, SIP technology can be utilised by you and your team whenever you have a secure internet connection available. This is great for modern businesses who rely on wireless technology to get work done because you do not have to think about physical wires or lines.

Traditional, physical landline telephones may be great when calling local clients in nice weather, but problems can arise if something unfortunate happens to your telephone wires. For example, if a nasty bout of weather hits and knocks over some telephone poles, you may experience connection issues. While you could simply wait for the wires to be fixed, during this downtime, you may end up frustrating your clients and lose business.

Instead, you can conveniently rely on your SIP trunking system. With SIP technology, you can send and receive calls even in bad weather.

You Can Enjoy Clear Voice Quality, Even During Long-Distance Calls. Another issue with traditional landline telephones is that contacting people who are far away or outside of New Zealand can be difficult. Trying to call clients or other people outside of New Zealand on a landline telephone can be tricky, complex and even expensive. In business, money and expenses are very important, and you want to spend your money wisely.

Fortunately, with SIP technology, making long-distance calls and connecting with people who are far away is easier and cheaper than ever. So making local, long-distance and international calls can be done easily and quickly, as long as you have a good internet connection, of course.

This is fantastic news for businesses who want to expand their client base to areas far from their local area or even to international spaces. By being available to more people, you can have more potential business opportunities and grow your company to be even more prominent.

Additionally, the location of the person you are calling will not affect the quality of your calls. Therefore, you can enjoy pleasant, clear voice quality with whoever you are trying to contact.

How Can I Get SIP Trunking For My Business?

If you want to enjoy all of these excellent benefits by getting SIP technology for your company, all you need to do is simply reach out to us at Aatrox Communications. We are New Zealand’s preferred SIP trunk provider, and we will be overjoyed to help your business thrive by helping you with all of your SIP technology needs.

If you would like to set your business up with a SIP trunk plan today, please get in touch with our team through our contact page or by calling us at 09 242 0880.

Enhance your communication, save money and watch your business grow and thrive with help from Aatrox Communications!