What Is SIP Trunking: A Guide for Small Businesses

If you run a small business and are interested in maximising your communication capabilities while saving money, then you’ve probably heard of SIP trunking. This incredible technology has become increasingly popular as intelligent business owners switch from traditional landline telephones to convenient internet-based communication systems. 

You may have had people tell you to switch to SIP technology, but changing your telephone system to a new technology you’re unfamiliar with is a big move. After all, communicating properly between your team, important business partners and your customers is essential – compromising your phone system can lead to trouble. 

So, it’s vital that you fully understand what this technology is before you make your decision. Once you’ve learned why SIP telephone systems are so beneficial, you will probably want to switch your phone system as soon as possible.

What Is SIP Trunking?

SIP, or session initiation protocol, technology is not as confusing as it might sound. Simply put, a SIP phone system works similarly to a traditional landline phone system, except it uses an internet connection instead of physical wires and cables. 

This means that instead of having to hook up your phones to telephone wires that run all around your area, all you need is theright kind of technology, and you’ll be able to call whomever you need to by using your internet connection.

As the world’s technology improves, more businesses are going digital and more people are relying on the internet to stay connected and updated with the outside world. So, you can probably already tell how incredible SIP trunking is for businesses that want to get in touch with as many potential clients as possible.

Does My Business Need SIP Technology?

Now you know what SIP technology does – but you still need to determine if it’s right for your business. So, if you are still undecided, there are some wonderful advantages of SIP phone systems that you need to know about. 

These awesome benefits help businesses all over New Zealand – and the world – expand their client base and stay successful:

SIP Packages Can Easily Be Scaled To Fit Your Business’s Needs. A significant problem businesses face when buying service packages is not finding packages that fit their needs. Sometimes a service package is too small or too large, and you either end up with not enough or too much. Either way, this wastefulness can hurt your bottom line.

However, when you work with a reliable SIP trunking service provider, you can get a package that suits your business – whether you manage a small handful of people or a large corporation. You can easily work with your provider and get the right number of channels for your company’s needs.

As Long As You Have A Connection, You’re Good To Go. One major problem with relying on landline phones is that your call quality can be affected by several external factors. For example, if bad weather arrives and knocks down a telephone pole outside your building, your phone system could be disabled until it is fixed. 

However, with SIP trunking, you will be absolutely fine if you have a reliable internet connection. This can give you great peace of mind and let you focus on your important work. 

This Technology Can Save You A Lot Of Money. Money has a lot to do with business. If you want to be successful, it’s vital that you keep an eye on how much you spend and make. Therefore, it’s always good to try to save money on things like your communication systems. If you spend too much on making phone calls every day, you can really eat into your profits.

If you would like to save a bit of money on every call, then SIP trunking might be perfect for you. This is because SIP technology doesn’t differentiate between local, long-distance or international calls; when you’re using an internet connection, every call will be similar. 

So, you will not need to pay those hefty international call fees if you are communicating with overseas clients or partners. This means you won’t have to fear where your calls come from, and you can grow your client base like never before.

Where Can I Go For More Useful Information About This Technology?

Now that you are well informed and know more about this outstanding technology, are you ready to step into the future and improve your business? If you are prepared to take your company’s communication capabilities to the next level, talk to us at Aatrox Communications. We are trusted by business owners all over New Zealand, and we’d love to offer you our services. 

We know that every team has different wants and needs, so we are here and ready to talk with you to work out a solution that is perfect for you. For more information or to start working with us today, please visit our contact page or call 09 242 0880 to reach us.

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