VoIP integration with ZenDesk

ZenDesk CRM effectively manages the entire sales lifecycle – from first contact to conversion. This CRM offers a number of features that put them ahead of the pack in many ways, and adding VoIP integration with ZenDesk ensures that all features within the suite work seamlessly with your phone system.

Stand-out features offered by ZenDesk include:

  • Custom ticket fields, as not every client or sale is the same
  • Integration with different channels, so whether your customers prefer contacting your through your website or your social media, it will end up in the same place
  • Personalisation, allowing staff to make their CRM work for them
  • SLA views, enabling you to constantly check and measure your SLA status and act before it’s too late

The ZenDesk suite CRM allows you to track and monitor every aspect of the sales process and this should include your calls too. With VoIP integration, ZenDesk is taken to the next level and offers the perfect combination of customer relationship management and unified communications. ZenDesk offers management for all of your other communication channels – VoIP should definitely be added to that too.

VoIP integration with ZenDesk enables you to take advantage of features such as:

  • Click to Call – Calls can be launched directly from your contacts in ZenDesk
  • Customer Pop-Up – Customer information pops up on your screen when you begin a phone call with them
  • Call Logs – Calls are automatically logged in ZenDesk, allowing for notes, call duration and the person who took the call to be logged.
  • New Contact – When a new customer calls for the first time, their information is automatically stored in ZenDesk so you are able to easily access it later

VoIP integration with ZenDesk is as simple as downloading and installing a plugin. You and your company can be enjoying the conveniences of a first-class business VoIP solution. Everything housed in the one place, ensuring you never miss important information.

For more information on how you can integrate your IP PBX with ZenDesk, get in touch with us today.

Not using ZenDesk? Check out our list of supported CRMs here.

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