VoIP integration with ConnectWise
ConnectWise is a cloud-based CRM that centralises all of a business’ customer information. The award-winning IP PBX recommended (and used) by us here at Aatrox Communications is available to be integrated with ConnectWise and is able to be set up in a matter of minutes.

While the list of possible tasks to be automated is rather extensive, VoIP integration with ConnectWise simplifies this and saves time and hassle on managing sales and internal contacts.

ConnectWise users looking to combine their CRM and unified communications solutions can benefit from features such as:

  • Click to Call – Calls can be launched directly from the ConnectWise contacts, and any calls made by the Click to Call Extension are also noted by ConnectWise
  • Customer Record – Customer information is displayed automatically during a call to ensure you have access to everything you need without having to distract yourself trying to find it
  • Call Logs – Call duration, contact and employee are automatically logged into ConnectWise
  • New Contact – Whenever a new client contacts you, they are automatically saved into your ConnectWise contacts for future reference.
The ease of access and time saved by these features makes VoIP integration with ConnectWise an easy choice, and the application is available directly from the ConnectWise Marketplace.

For more information on how you can integrate your IP PBX with ConnectWise, get in touch with us today.

Not using ConnectWise? Check out our list of supported CRMs here.

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