The Most Common Mistakes People Make With SIP Trunking

By going through a reliable SIP trunking provider and getting this wonderful technology for your business, you can enjoy a plethora of incredible benefits that will please both your staff and your clients. But, like with any other kind of technology or tool, if you don’t know how to use it right, you could end up making some significant mistakes. Therefore, it’s very important to be aware of the common mistakes that occur when utilising SIP channels and trunks.

If you are not experienced with this technology, navigating it can be confusing and frustrating. But, fortunately, with the help of an understanding and communicative SIP trunk provider, you’ll be using your fantastic new service like a pro.

For example, if you work with us at Aatrox Communications, we will be happy to help you with whatever SIP trunk-related questions you have.

So, what precisely is SIP trunking, and what are the common mistakes that you should avoid when using it?

What Exactly Is SIP Trunk Technology?

If you haven’t yet made the switch to SIP trunks and are still using traditional landline phones, then you’re probably wondering what SIP trunk technology is and how it can elevate your business’s communication skills.

SIP, or session initiation protocol, trunking is a phone service where you can send and take calls using an internet connection rather than physical landlines. This technology can be incredibly beneficial to businesses that wish to deliver excellent customer service and satisfy their clients.

When you make the intelligent decision to switch over to SIP trunking, you can enjoy such benefits as more reliable connections, clearer voice quality, excellent customer service from your SIP service provider and more.

What Mistakes Should I Avoid When Getting SIP Trunk Technology For My Company?

Clearly, SIP trunk technology sounds like an incredible addition to any business that regularly communicates with valued clients. But, mistakes can be made, and accidents can happen, so it’s imperative that you and your team are aware of the problems that can occur when using this service.

Making mistakes is natural, and if you truly want to always stay prepared, you should always be ready to take on a problem. Therefore, by knowing all about the common mistakes made while using SIP trunks, you can be that much more equipped to use this service wisely.

A few common errors that people make while using SIP trunking are:

Not Having Enough Internet Bandwidth. SIP trunks allow you to make various kinds of calls to other people by using a sufficient internet connection rather than through physical cables. Therefore, naturally, to make calls, you will need a good internet connection to successfully call other people. 

The first big mistake that many businesses make is not having enough internet bandwidth to support the number of calls that they need to make. This error is often made by smaller businesses who are not used to using the amount of internet that SIP trunk channels require. 
Being Susceptible To Toll Fraud. Because SIP trunking has become a well-known and valuable tool, more malicious people are looking into ways to scam and con businesses who use it – and one thing you should look out for is toll fraud. Toll fraud is a fraud where individuals make many international calls to premium-rate numbers and then capitalise on the revenue earned from the calls.To avoid this, your SIP platform should have built-in features to reduce the risks of toll fraud. In addition, it would help if you asked your SIP service provider about how you can avoid getting scammed. Phone scams come in many different forms, so being aware of them is vital.

Not Having Enough SIP Trunk Channels. To make calls using a SIP trunking service, you will need channels available. If you do not have enough channels to handle the number of calls you want to make, you will run into problems. Conversely, if you buy too many channels and don’t use a large amount of them, you will waste money.

To get the correct number of channels, you should determine how many calls your business usually makes. Then, by discussing your needs with your service provider, you will figure out the ideal number of channels for you.

Who Can I Speak To About Getting Excellent SIP Technology For My Business?

Now that you know a few mistakes that are commonly made, you are more prepared to use SIP trunking and enjoy its many benefits. Do you want to get this wonderful technology for your company? If you do, one of the best companies you can turn to is us at Aatrox Communications. As New Zealand’s preferred SIP trunk provider, we are proud to offer you affordable and beneficial SIP trunk plans.

We understand that using new technology that you’re unfamiliar with can be difficult, so we welcome you to ask us about any questions that you may have. To reach us, please visit our contact page or easily call us at09 242 0880.

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