3CX have announced an upcoming BETA release of their 3CX iOS app, to be available on the Apple app store.
After the success of the Android BETA release, a new 3CX iOS client is due to be released on BETA. Similar to the Android release, the 3CX iOS BETA has added improvements to the user experience of the app. This highlights the industry-wide push from traditional telephony to much more flexible mobile-oriented telecommunications.

Like the Android release, there is now support for the OPUS codec which allows for a clearer, more natural sound. PUSH notifications for multiple devices on the one extension will also be available following the release of 3CX v15.5 SP6. Regardless of what iOS device you’re using or where you are – you’ll never have to miss a call!

There are a number of improvements that stand out to us in this upcoming 3CX iOS BETA release, our most notable including:

Faster Launch & Reconnect

Time is of the essence much of the time, and when waiting for an app to launch, seconds can feel like minutes. A faster and smoother launch removes the frustration that often occurs when all you want is to quickly make a phone call.

UI Refresh Control

Easy refresh your call history in the ‘Recents’ section by simply swiping and holding down the list, a feature often included in smart phone apps that is basically ingrained into us by now.

Minor Fixes

A number of minor fixes to the UX of the 3CX iOS app have also been made, including:

  • Issues relating to duration in recents
  • Missing “New Contact” button
  • Missing Presence/ Contacts search bar
  • Custom message being cleared when the status updates
We are very much looking forward to trying the 3CX iOS BETA when it is released, as well as all future releases. It appears that 3CX has been listening to their users in optimising their smart phone apps, ensuring everyone across all devices get the best experience from their VoIP phone system – wherever they are.