Aatrox Communications works with 3CX partners all over Australia. We strive to work very closely with our partners, and if any questions arrived our partners are encouraged to schedule a 30 minute conference regarding an up and coming deployment.

3CX partner

We find that our partners customers are looking for the following attributes:


The customer wants to know that the deployment will be smooth and seamless, and no issues will arise that are not able to be fixed. Here at Aatrox Communications we are here to support our partners, and 3CX support is also available.

3CX has a great resource for customers looking to find a 3CX partner, displaying suppliers based on their partner level:


There are three different levels on the page above. Partners are ranked on the amount of recent 3CX deployments they have done. With Platinum being the highest and Silver being the lowest.

If the partner is not displayed on this page it doesn’t mean that they don’t have experience it just means that they haven’t sold a high enough amount of 3CX licenses in the last quarter.

Use the tips in the rest of this article to decide whether to sign with a partner.


3CX Certifications show that a 3CX partner has passed an exam and has a relevant level of knowledge to certificate which they have obtained.

There are three levels of certification, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. End customers of partners also have the option to get qualified for free. Speak with your 3CX partner if you would like to get a login to sit the exam and obtain a 3CX certification.

Understanding your business, and how your phone system plays a part

Any partner will be able to deploy 3CX phone system to some degree.

We find that if the partner takes the time to understand how your business works, they will be able to customize 3CX to work better with how the business operates. It is up to the partner to explain the endless features 3CX has to offer, and how they would be used by the specific business. If the partner doesn’t understand how the business works then it is hard to achieve this successfully.

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