This week 3CX released an update to their award-winning IP PBX – the Alpha update, 3CX v16.

3CX update v16

While the current release is only for evaluation purposes, we’re certainly excited about the large number of new features and improvements to come.

Features updated/ added

Office 365 integration with 3CX has been improved, with the ability to sync users contacts and Outlook calendar to their 3CX extensions. Presence information will be automatically updated based on the users Outlook calendar appointments.

Queue options have been extended, with options to set up skill-based routing of calls.

The 3CX IVR feature has been extended, now with scriptable & DTMF code-based actions available.

Scalability has been improved for the larger call centres with a queue engine restructure.

The reporting features have also been improved in the Alpha update.

3CX Applications

The 3CX Android, iOS and web applications have also had improvements made, ensuring the extension of the PBX to other devices runs smoothly.

The chat feature on the Android & iOS applications has been improved, with features such as new emojis, feedback notifications, a chat search and the ability to easily send documents and images from the chat interface.

The UI of both the web and smartphone applications has been updated and simplified, and support for new headsets has been added.


WebMeeting has had its own update this week, however in the 3CX IP PBX update we are now able to join meetings from a phone by calling an external conference number, or the conference extensions (700).


Security of an IP PBX is often one of the major concerns when a business is deciding whether to move to VoIP. 3CX have made a number of updates to their already secure system, and the Alpha update is said to be the most secure release yet.

IP Blacklist Import & Export – Easily export your IP Blacklist from one PBX and import it to another, saving time and stress when setting up a new IP PBX.

Auto-Updating Blacklist – 3CX manages a list of blocked IPs, and you may choose to auto-update your IP blacklist with theirs to ensure you’re always secure from the latest threats.

Restrict the Management Console by IP – Add an extra level of security to your IP PBX by ensuring only the IP addresses you know and use can access the 3CX Management Console.

Checks & Warnings – Weak extension security will now trigger checks and notifications.

Technical Details

  • Latest Postgres DB version
  • OpenSSL to 1.0.2o
  • Built using VS2017 compilers
  • .NET Core framework update
  • GCC 6
  • Debian 9 “Stetch”

Technical Details

The new 3CX v16 update can be downloaded here:

Keep in mind that this update is not yet ready to be used on production systems and should only be used on test instances for evaluation purposes.

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