Call recording for your business and your clients.

Looking for information on how to set up call recording?

Call recording software has a number of practical uses that can benefit a business, from staff training to modernized record keeping. Provided you ensure your business stays up to date with the relevant laws in your state or territory, call recording is a feature that is not to be missed.

Team Coaching & Training

Having recordings of actual interactions between customers and sales or helpdesk staff allows trainers and managers access to valuable insights into customer experience. These recordings can be used to coach existing staff, identifying areas where more training is needed. New staff coming into the job can also benefit from these recordings, being able to be up to speed much quicker with a good idea of customer service expectations.

Ensuring no details are missed

When answering multiple calls a day, customer service or sales representatives may often miss key parts of information. Sometimes the quality of call may not always be the greatest, and while it’s important to clarify while speaking directly with the customer, it can be helpful to be able to go back and listen over when the callers intent (or line) wasn’t quite clear.

The buyer persona

An important part of marketing a product or service, is to have a fairly accurate idea of the kind of person that is interested in your product or service. When recordings of calls with clients or customers are available, the customers uses and requirements of the product or service are far more clear, and this information is able to be used to effectively target new customers.

Record Keeping

Documentation is vitally important for any business. When calls with customers and clients are recorded, these recordings can be stored safely and treated as any other kind of documentation. These calls can be used as training material as noted above, or in the event that your business is challenged after a verbal agreement.

Legal Considerations

While there are a number of benefits to recording and storing calls, there can also be some pretty serious repercussions if the legal aspects of call recording are not taken into consideration.

State laws in Australia vary slightly regarding call recording, however it is best practice to notify your caller that the call is being recorded. It is necessary for all participants in the call to be aware of the recording, and the caller has the right to request that the call not be recorded. It may also be worth noting that should a customer request a copy of the call, you are required to supply that to them.

Despite the crucially important legal considerations, the benefits of setting up call recording still far outweigh any potential hassle of having to notify a customer of a recording. 3CX makes call recording very simple by including easily clickable buttons on the PC, Mac and smartphone clients.

Should you require any further assistance or information regarding call recording, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Aatrox Communications.

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