About the Update

One of the great benefits of the 3CX phone system is the ease of use across both Android and iOS devices. This past week, and to finish off the month on a high for iOS users, 3CX released an update for the 3CX iOS app.

According to 3CX, the number of users on the 3CX iOS app is growing rapidly and they are working hard to ensuring people on the go are able to work effectively and efficiently.

This update primarily consists of improvements to pre-existing functionality of the app, addressing minor issues and annoyances of their current user base and offering a fresh experience to the new.

Improvements featured in this update as listed by 3CX:

  • Improved the PUSH functionality when “also ring my mobile” is enabled
  • Addressed audio issues for certain Bluetooth devices
  • In some cases a GSM call would automatically be put on hold for an incoming SIP call
  • Fixed first/lastname/company being lost when creating a new contact and swiping the list up.
  • Fixed two potential crashes in SIP engine
  • Fixed lost “device-assignable” app flag
  • Updated display’s connection status appearance
  • Updated translations

View the entire 3CX iOS build history here.

We are very excited to be working with a company that aims to better its service and work with its users to create a better experience. With countless positive reviews from industry leaders, partners and customers alike, 3CX continues to impress with their phone system available on basically any modern device.
If you have an iOS device and a 3CX subscription, now is the time to download as the app has never been better!

We have a guide outlining the installation process for the 3CX iOS app, and a link to download the iOS client here.

Should you require any further assistance, we recommend you contact your 3CX supplier. If you’re still looking for one, feel free to contact us and we can refer you to our preferred platinum 3CX partners. It may also be worth checking out our post on what to look for in a 3CX partner.