So, your phone system has finally gone digital.

3CX has replaced the old analog box on the wall.

A lot of data is being generated.

How do you get it out?

3CX reports present you with a wide range of statistics that give you greater insight into how your company is using telecommunications. These reports can be scheduled to run on a specific time and day and automatically be emailed to a recipient.

3CX call reports

The first hurdle is knowing 3CX reports exist.

Being made aware of them, and what they can deliver is part of the deployment process you’ll usually follow with a 3CX partner – but if it’s been missed out, don’t despair!

Go digging – you’re not risking anything by running a few reports.

To get you started, here are a few bits of data that can be pulled from a 3CX report:

  • How many minutes/hours each extension has been on the phone this month. For staff who spend a lot of time on the phone this can be used to gauge performance or identify trends.
  • If SLA’s are set up correctly in queues you can monitor the performance, breaches, and also why the SLA was unable to be meet. Identifying when and how those breaches happen allows you to make decisions ensuring that you work towards keeping within those SLAs.
  • Where inbound calls are coming from, and how they are distributed both in terms of source, and in terms of when they are being received. Seeing that distribution can help manage resourcing, amongst other things.
  • The total amount of both answered and unanswered calls (or abandoned queue calls) which lets you focus on why those calls are not being answered.

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